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Animal New York
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Frontier Artist
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artist with the painting Carrying
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Carrying and Daedalus
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Prodigal Son
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image of the painting Bull and Man
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Jacobsmeyer self-portrait
Bruner, Louise. “Focus is on Realism in current exhibition at BGSU Art Gallery” Toledo Blade (8 Oct. 86,
August 2011 “Bigfoot” History Channel
October 2009 “Intimate Frontiers” New Jersey Public Television
March ʻ03 “Printmakers Only: An Exhibition of Handmade Artistʼs Prints”Maryland Public Television
Nov. ʻ02 “John Jacobsmeyer: New Paintings” Ann Avry producer Maryland Public Television one
half hour interview(played several times each month for one year)Rockville, MD
Nice to meet you Sloan Fine Art

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